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General Product Information

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Current VWR Catalog Number # (if applicable):
CAS# (if applicable):
Formulation (if applicable):
Intended use of product (check all that apply): Molecular Diagnostic test
Histology Diagnostic test
Other Diagnostic test
Research Use Only
Cleaning Agent
General Analytical Chemical
For Further Manufacturing
For re-sale / OEM

Regulatory Information

Regulatory Requirements for the product:

FDA 21CFR820 (Medical Device)
FDA 21CFR210/211 (Pharmaceutical for direct human use)
ISO 9001
ISO 13485
ISO 17025 (GLP)
GMP for Excipients (EXCiPACT)
Disinfectant / Biocide
EU IVD Directive
Unknown / Not specified

Product Packaging Requirements
Pack 1
Pack 2
Pack 3

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Final Pack Size (volume):
Annual Quantity (# units) :
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Quality Control/Specifications/Testing Requirements
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Sterility / Aseptic Processing Required:

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